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美国密歇根州州长接受CGTN专访:中美贸易战对谁都没有好处 王莘之子:《歌唱祖国》是怎样诞生的



  主持人: Where does the China-Michigan commercial relationship stand right now? Which Chinese provinces are in Michigan, which Chinese businesses, which sectors are they investing in Michigan, and which areas do you think are ripe for more growth in your state?


  州长: One of the most important things in the world is what’s becoming the mobility industry. It’s really the automotive industry combining with the IT industry. Sort of merging together about autonomous and connected vehicles, it’s about electric system versus internal combustion. So that area is huge. And, we’re seeing investment from all over China in Michigan and involvement there.


  主持人:Governor, are you concerned a little bit, that for this mission compared to your past missions given where US-China trade tensions stand right now…and of course, there might be some room for further escalation on this front as well?


  州长:Yeah, there is a real concern. And that’s something that I hope doesn’t escalate. We’ve had great relations, we’ve seen a lot of success with China in terms of both sides winning. In terms of people having job opportunities they didn’t have before. And I think we need to encourage more trade rather than less. So I hope we work through this as effectively as possible and I hear it from Chinese companies, but I can tell you, I hear it from American companies also concerned about how do we keep this in terms of if we have issues to address, let’s get them addressed, let’s get behind this and let’s do more business together.


  主持人:What about investment then Governor, because it seems like Chinese investment heading into the United States right now, it’s facing more of a hostile attitude environment compared to the past few years. Where does Michigan stand on Chinese investment?


  州长:We welcome it. And in fact, we’re encouraging it. We’ve continued to see a lot of Chinese businesses come into Michigan. I’m excited to see that happen. We’re having success stories all the time. GAC just announced a research and development center in Michigan. Other companies are lining up to come and I’ve got a whole list of different meetings I’m doing on my trip here to say you’re welcome, come to Michigan.


  主持人:Washington right now is thinking about imposing tariffs on some 200 billion dollars worth of Chinese goods. And if that does happen, that’s really going to hurt small businesses this time around and small businesses are so crucial to the American economy. What’s your take on this issue?


  州长:It is a concern. That’s where we need to work through these issues. Because it’s not just small business, it raises prices to our consumers. So we need to be thoughtful about that. Again, I think there is still things to improve in terms of trade relations and intellectual property…but, let’s not get in a trade war, let’s not create an adverse environment if we can help it because, again that only hurts everyone versus saying we have proactive trade…that’s the right answer because I view it as it helps the whole world when China and Michigan, or China and America can work well together it sends a good message to everyone.


  主持人:And speaking of the domestic market, China will be hosting its first International Import Expo this November. This is going to be huge, it’s a mega platform connecting Chinese buyers with sellers from all around the world. How big of an opportunity do you think this is specifically to gain more market share here in China?


  州长:I think it’s a good opportunity. It’s a way to build relations. I always tell people…people always underestimate, it’s hard to do business in another country, just anywhere. I’m an old business person, I’ve actually done that. And if you can create an environment to facilitate that to make you feel welcomed, to say here’s ways you can do it faster, better, easier, that encourages more of this work to get done, which I think is again a very much positive…because I view this as about long term relationships.


  主持人:So Governor, what is your hope then for the China-US economic relationship going forward? How do the two countries manage their differences but also grow mutually as well?


  州长:Michigan is a great illustration of that. Michigan didn’t have much of a relationship with China until I became Governor. Now after eight years, we’re actually number three in terms of the rank state for the number of jobs created by foreign direct investment from China over the last several years. That’s huge in terms of helping our economy grow. Isn’t that the kind of message we want to reinforce with people? And we build great relationships with in particular with some parts of China where we have sister state relationships that I think we have more and more opportunity.













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